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Northern Pike

Trophy Pike are the most highly sought after fish at Plaisted Camps. Many anglers choose to chase the fish of lifetime during their stay, and most are successful! ​

Come join the 40" Club: Less than 80 guests catch more than 100 fish over 40" per year!

Early June allows anglers to fish a variety of ways for these big fish. Sight fishing shallow bays and fly-fishing with large flies are often guest favorites.​​​

As the season progresses the fish tend to move to more weedy areas and cruise around in cover provided by cabbage weeds and lake grass. Fast moving lures are an excellent choice during July and August.​​​

Recommended Tackle/Equipment
  • ​MH/H action rod with 20lb braided line

  • 8-12" 30lb+ Leaders, steel or flourocarbon

  • Stick baits

  • Spoons

  • Rapalas

  • Bucktails

  • Large Muskie type Lures

A fishing tale you won't have to make up

Plaisted Camps

Russell Lake 
Saskatchewan, Canada


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