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Lake Trout

Come see what all the talk is about, guests love fishing Lake Trout all season long while at Plaisted Camps.

Lake trout start the year in shallow and can be caught using traditional tackle and equipment. As the year progresses they will make their way to the deeper parts of the lake, in excess of 100' or more. Downriggers provided by camp help anglers battle Lake trout for a long and tiring fight!

The Lost Lake Chain

This chain of 3 lakes are a very special part of Plaisted Camps. The lakes are accessed by ATV only and have virtually no fishing pressure. They are LOADED with trout! Visiting these lakes is a must while staying at camp!

Recommended Tackle and Equipment
  • M-MH spinning or casting tackle

  • 12-20lb test, prefferably mono

  • Spoons, spoons, spoons

  • Crankbaits

A fishing tale you won't have to make up

Plaisted Camps

Russell Lake 
Saskatchewan, Canada


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