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It all started in 1970, as an idea. The idea was to find a place in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. A place far away from the busy city, far away from anything. When located, this place would be "home" for the Plaisted family.

165 miles north of the nearest town La Ronge, Saskatchewan Canada, Ralph Plaisted found his spot. Russell Lake was going to be the new home for him and his family. After a year of planning Ralph took his family and close friends Harley Anderson and Brian Brooks north to Russell Lake. Together they shared a year they would remember for the rest of their lives.

When the plane left on May 31, 1971, it was just the Plaisted's, a bunch of supplies, and the surrounding wilderness. Together each and every member helped build a fine log cabin to live in for the year. The logs were milled right on site from trees close by. It took weeks to perfect but the Russell Lake "Hilton" was their new home. Hunting, trapping, and fishing were the means to food for the family, and creativity to keep them busy!

After the year of 1971, the Plaisted family kept returning to Russell Lake. Ralph started to bring friends to show them just what all the excitement was about. Eventually guests cabins and accommodations were made to cater to fisherman. This started Plaisted's Camp Fly-In Fishing Camp. Word spread like wildfire and people were lined up to come fishing on Russell Lake. Trophy northern pike and abundant walleye and lake trout made this destination hard to believe unless you were there!

Now over 50 years later Plaisted's Camp is still running strong!

A fishing tale you won't have to make up

Plaisted Camps

Russell Lake 
Saskatchewan, Canada


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