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50 fish mornings are not uncommon at Plaisted Camps. And these walleyes are not small, most range from 18-22" with a great chance of catching one over 25".

Jig fishing is by far the favorite among guests at Plaisted Camps. Trolling with plugs and pitching crankbaits are also great options throughout the year.

The Wheeler river does a great job of rejuvinating the walleye fishing each and every year!

Recommended Gear and Equipment
  • ​ML-M action Spinning gear

  • 6-10lb test mono/flourocarbon/or braided line

  • Leaders can be optional while walleye fishing, however, toothy pike will roam the same areas

  • Jigs (white,yellow, or orange twisters, frozen minnows, or worms)

  • Crankbaits

A fishing tale you won't have to make up

Plaisted Camps

Russell Lake 
Saskatchewan, Canada


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