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Arctic Grayling

The fourth, and arguably the prettiest of the "Grand Slam" is the Arctic Grayling. The grayling is a beautiful river fish located in faster moving water close to rapids. The Wheeler river provides guests with multiple spots to try and knock Arctic Grayling off their bucket list.

Fly fishing and spinning tackle with small spinners is the best way to target grayling. Many anglers enjoy wading the river while fishing for grayling, this allows one to fish the harder to fish areas where the grayling will often be waiting!

Recommended Tackle and Equipment
  • UL-L action spinning gear or 4 weight fly set up

  • 2-6lb test line​

  • Dry flies

  • 0 or 00 mepps style spinners

A fishing tale you won't have to make up

Plaisted Camps

Russell Lake 
Saskatchewan, Canada


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